Easy to personalize

We have hundreds of default categories, and it's easy to rename or re-
categorize any transaction as you please. You can even add your own and
have Mint apply them to the same future charges.

Simple to use, easy
to understand

Mint uses budget categories to help you track
your spending. Use default spending categories,
or rename and recategorize expense categories
to suit your needs. With Mint’s categorization
features, it’s easy to see spending
totals across all
of your accounts.

Add tags

Want to customize more than just category?
You can add tags too, and organize your
transactions as you choose.

See all the details

Mint automatically separates a $102 ATM
withdrawal into $100 cash and $2 fee. And you can
easily separate out purchases from one transaction
into different categories, just in case you buy
groceries, clothing and gifts all at one store.

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